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  • Tên sản phẩmHM 4042 Hand Microphone
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  • Mã sản phẩm465
  • Mô tả<p align="justify"> HM 4042 Hand microphone<br>The HM 4042 is a handheld microphone to be used with the CDS 4000 or DCS 6000 conference system in press conferences, auditoriums or other occasions requiring a public microphone. The HM 4042 can be controlled by the on/off switch on the handheld itself or remotely via PC/AMX/Crestron or MC 4000 Control Panel. The low noise condenser back-electret capsule features a cardioid pattern in the entire speech frequency range, maximizing speaker pick-up while minimizing the risk of acoustic feedback. The capsule is mounted in a proprietary dual rubber band suspension isolating it acoustically and mechanically from the rest of the microphone, eliminating all mechanical noises from the table. The unit features a bright red illuminated ring to indicate microphone status and comes with a 6 pin XLR connector to connect to a conference microphone unit for front panels ( MU 4040 or MU 604x).<br><br>This product is also known as: HM 4042, Listen Technology, Handheld Microphone<p><br><br>
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    Model:HM 4042
    ProductTax:+ VAT 10
    CreatedDate:9/30/2008 9:21:38 AM

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