Polycom RMX 2000

<ul> <li>Thiết bị kết nối hội nghị đa điểm cao cấp được thiết kết chuyên cho mạng IP</li> <li>Mở rộng 20-80 cổng, hỗ trợ chất lượng hình ảnh và âm thanh tốt nhất.</li> </ul> <p><span style="font-size: 10pt; color: #ff6600"><em><strong>Giải pháp nào cho kết nối truyền hình hội nghị trên 8 điểm?<br /> Nếu yêu cầu kết nối lên tới 50 điểm, thậm chi 100 điểm thì phải làm sao?<br /> <font color="#ff0000">MCU là giải pháp lựa chọn của bạn!</font></strong></em></span></p>

Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000

<p align="justify">-&#160;&#160; Mang đầy đủ các tính năng nỗi bẩt của dòng soundstation2<br /><br>-&#160;&#160; Bán kính thu âm lớn ( thu âm rõ trong vòng 6m )<br /><br>-&#160;&#160; Có thêm 2 mic mở rộng tăng cường khả năng thu âm ở nhiều góc độ<br /><br>-&#160;&#160; Subwoofer speaker tạo hiệu ứng âm thanh sống động<br /><br>-&#160;&#160; khả năng kết nối mạng và cập nhật phần mềm hỗ trợ mới nhất<br /><br>-&#160;&#160; Giải pháp cho phòng họp đông người, yêu cầu cao về chất lượng âm&#160;thanh và khả năng thu âm hiệu quả từ nhiều góc độ.</p>


<p>- Giải pháp họp từ xa cho lãnh đạo cao cấp<br /> - Hỗ trợ IP lên tới 2Mbps<br /> - Tích hợp màn hình LCD, camera, microphone, speaker....<br /> - People + Content IP<br /> - Kết nối đa điểm lên tới 4 điểm</p>


<p align="justify">VSX 6000 nằm trong dòng sản phẩm cao cấp của Polycom hỗ trợ tần số âm thanh cao nhất lên đến 14 kHz (Siren 14 Wideband Audio Performance), hỗ trợ phân giải hình ảnh cao, hỗ trợ giao thức khởi tạo phiên SIP, SCCP cho phép tăng khả năng lựa chọn truyền dẫn trên mạng IP.</p>


<p>&#160;- Hỗ trợ IP&amp;ISDN lên tới 2Mbps&#160;<br /><br>&#160;- Loa tăng âm trầm<br /><br>&#160;- PTZ Camera<br /><br>&#160;- Hỗ trợ 3 microphone<br /><br>&#160;- Kết nối đa điểm lên tới 4 site<br /><br>&#160;- Công nghệ video Pro-Monito<br /><br>&#160;- Chia sẻ dữ liệu dễ dàng với Visual Concert<br /><br>&#160;-&#160;Giải pháp cho phòng hop lớn với 15-20 người tham dự.</p>


<p align="justify">&#160;- Hỗ trợ IP &amp; ISDN lên tới 2Mbps<br /><br>&#160;- Camera Powercam Plus tự động xoay và zoom hình ảnh<br /><br>&#160;- Công nghệ Promotion TM cho chất lượng hình ảnh trung thực sắc nét<br /><br>&#160;- Codec rời cho phép linh hoạt tùy chọn các thiết bị phụ trợ<br /><br>&#160;- Đặc biệt hỗ trợ multipoint lên tới 6 điểm<br /><br>&#160;- Dễ dàng chia sẻ tài liệu về máy tính</p>

PS 6000 Power Supply

PS 6000 Power Supply for providing additional power to the DCS-LAN

RA 6013 Digital Radiator

<p align="justify"> RA 6013 Digital Radiator<br>The RA 6000 series are used for powerful distribution of reliable infra-red digital signals throughout the conference venue to the wireless digital receivers The RA 6013 & RA 6025 digital radiators transmit up to 32 channels in superb audio quality by means of invisible light, enabling delegates to listen to the interpreted languages by means of the DR 6000 digital receivers. The radiators are used to provide reliable infra-red coverage from small meeting rooms up to very large conference halls.</p><br>

RP 6004 Repeater

<p align="justify"> RP 6004 Repeater for in / outgoing bus<br>The RP 6004 Repeater unit splits one (1) DCS-LAN chain into four (4) chains. The signal is regenerated to extend the maximum cable length</p>


<p align="justify">The TANDBERG 3000 MXP Codec is the integrator’s codec of choice. Its small physical size combined with the performance of the TANDBERG 3000 MXP system makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.</p>

TANDBERG 3000 MXP Portable

<p align="justify">The TANDBERG 3000 MXP Portable is ideal for demonstrations and special events. Its compact case makes it easy to transport and assemble wherever it is needed most. Featuring the extensive functionality of the TANDBERG 3000 MXP video system.</p>


<p align="justify">The TANDBERG 6000 MXP Codec is the integrator’s codec of choice. With its standard rack mountable dimensions, this codec incorporates all the legendary power of the TANDBERG 6000 MXP video system and is ideal for customized integrations and specialized rooms.</p>

TANDBERG 6000 MXP Portable

<p align="justify"> The TANDBERG 6000 MXP Portable is ideal for demonstrations and special events. Its compact case makes it easy to transport and assemble wherever it is needed most. Features the extensive functionality of the TANDBERG 6000 MXP video system in a compact portable case.</p>

TANDBERG Centric 1000 MXP

<p align="justify">For offices and small meeting rooms. State-of-the-art, compact, fully integrated system that delivers style and performance in equal measure. With this system on their desks, users can place calls quickly and get answers even faster.</p>

TANDBERG Centric 150 MXP

<p align="justify">Business-quality video communication for the individual workspace. This cost-effective solution is easy to use, provides embedded security and allows organizations to bring reliable, face-to-face communication to every employee. Use this portable system to place video and voice calls.</p>

TANDBERG Centric 1700 MXP

<p align="justify"> TANDBERG is bringing video to the business VoIP phone. Face-to-face no longer requires side-by-side. You can achieve instant, in-depth discussions and collaboration from anywhere.</p>


<p align="justify">The most powerful, flexible telepresence and collaboration engine available, delivering crisp, clear 1080p HD video and ultra wideband audio. With more inputs and outputs than any one box should really have, the integration possibilities are endless.</p>

TANDBERG Codian MSE 8000 Series

<p align="justify">Highly scalable and flexible, chassis-based, HD video and voice communications platform. This powerful, fault tolerant solution is ideal for the communication needs of large enterprises as well as service providers looking to offer new video services.</p>


<p align="justify">TANDBERG is reinventing the desk phone by merging voice, video and collaboration into one device. A highly scalable solution for enterprise mass deployment, everyone in the organization will immediately see the benefits of increased productivity and daily collaboration right from the desk.</p>

TANDBERG Edge 95/85/75 MXP

<p align="justify">Connect team members for more productive meetings with the TANDBERG Edge MXP Series. These easy-to-install units turn a meeting room with a flat screen into an interactive situation room for improved teamwork and accelerated decision-making.</p>



TANDBERG Media Processing System (MPS) 200

<p align="justify">The TANDBERG Media Processing System (MPS) 200 is a reliable, feature rich multipoint control unit, gateway or hybrid. Its flexible, cost-efficient design makes the MPS 200 ideal for small- to medium-sized enterprises requiring centralized or distributed architecture solutions.</p>

TANDBERG Media Processing System MPS 800

<p align="justify">The TANDBERG Media Processing System (MPS) 800 is a feature rich, scalable multipoint control unit, gateway, or hybrid solution capable of supporting HD (720p). The MPS 800 is ideal for large enterprises, government agencies and service providers. Software upgrades provide investment protection, improving return on investment while increasing features and functionality.</p>

TANDBERG Profile 3000 MXP

<p align="justify">For medium-sized meeting rooms. A complete, integrated video system in a compact package. Superior video experience with TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera and integrated audio module for CD-quality sound experience. Available with 32" or 42" flatscreen monitor.</p>

TANDBERG Profile 6000 MXP

<p align="justify">For medium- to large-sized meeting rooms and boardrooms. High-end performance features, large flatscreen monitor, TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera and stereo audio create a collaborative meeting environment for even the largest groups. Share knowledge simply, quickly and efficiently with any location in the world.</p>

TANDBERG Profile 8000 MXP

<p align="justify">For the boardroom. Sleek, elegant design combined with state-of-the-art engineering. The most advanced features and functions for mission critical communication. 50" plasma screens, TANDBERG’s PrecisionHD Camera and a best-in-class, CD-quality, stereo audio system provide the ultimate video experience.</p>

TANDBERG Profile Maestro MXP

<p align="justify">For medium to large-sized meeting rooms. Turns existing monitors, projectors and displays into interactive video systems. Built on the TANDBERG 6000 MXP Codec, the Maestro includes the TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera and CD-quality, stereo audio.</p>


<p align="justify">For offices and small meeting rooms. Provides essential video features for face-to-face meetings with the quality and reliability found in all TANDBERG equipment. A highly portable set-top unit, the TANDBERG 550 offers clear sound, brilliant pictures and a choice of networks.</p>

TANDBERG Set-Top 990/880/770 MXP

<p align="justify">For work environments ranging from medium and small meeting rooms to shared offices. These portable, high performance set-top units conveniently transform any standard TV into an interactive meeting place, providing users with an outstanding business tool.</p>


<p align="justify">The instant telepresence experience designed for the executive office or high-end collaboration room – available anytime you need it. With optimal camera height, an enormous LCD screen and crystal-clear video, the TANDBERG T1 delivers an unparalleled user experience and allows executives to truly see eye-to-eye.</p>